Body Scrub

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These invigorating body scrubs are excellent for exfoliating and removal of dead skin cells. - We use a mix of organic ingredients  to revive your glow from the inside out.

Aids in smoothing and skin softening. 

How to use: Apply to damp skin with fingertips, exfoliating glove or body brush. Moving product in circular on the face and body, rinse and pat dry.  Because of it's foaming soap base this can be used as a shaving cream.


Made with Grapeseed Oil, Shea Butter 


Coffee Scrub - Good for getting rid of cellulite, stretch marks, spider veins, wrinkles and for overall skin rejuvenation 


Charcoal- Helps to draw toxins and impurities from the skin. Works great for reducing breakouts. Charcoal's natural grit is great at gently exfoliating skin and getting rid of pore clogging dead skin cells.


Turmeric- With regular use, a turmeric-based product can help these blemishes fade away naturally to give skin a more even-toned appearance, Anti-aging qualities, boost collagen production and speed up the body's ability to form new, healthy tissue. Full of antioxidants to fight against environmental damage. Works effectively at Eliminating dark spots from hyper pigmentation. Known to brighten skin naturally.