Love the Skin you're in.

We've heard for decades that our skin is the largest organ we have, yet we still treat her so brutally. The minute we learn to truly love the skin we are in, then we will see our beautiful melanin glow!

Treat her tender, starting from the inside out. Hydrate your body with pure natural spring water daily. Wash her with evenly tempered water. Use nourishing, oils and butters that don't clog pores. Move her, the skin is a beautiful overlay to our joints and tendons. Allow every joint, limb and muscle  to rotate and enjoy the joy of motion. Speak over her, tell her how radiant she is, that she shines like the sun and is the elegance that makes up who your are.

I encourage you to find words of affirmation for every part of your body. From your toes to your teeth. I promise when you do it consistently you will notice that she will respond to your accolades and return to the glory of her youth.