The Awakening



We all are always on a journey to find God and to find ourselves. While walking that very path of discovery I found that God (that still small voice) was directing me to finding him and to finding me all along.. Like divinely placed breadcrumbs the path was laid out with sheer perfection. But first, there had to be a deprogramming of sorts of all the  toxic misinformation I had taken in throughout my life. That transference of  knowledge afforded me the grace to have lies replaced with truth and that truth  produced peace, and peace that allowed me to manifest the purest reality ever known. That is what led me here to this very place.


I now possess the knowledge of knowing that I acquired the power and abilities of Source at the time of creation. There is no need to plead for results when the absoluteness of manifestation is irrefutable. It is my hope that your mind's eye will be opened to receive all that rightfully belongs to you and that was freely given by the universe without the need for works