What does it mean when someone says "Vibrate Higher" or raise your Vibration?


To understand your vibration is to understand your own alchemist ability. You have the power to manipulate energy creating a vibrations that will manifest your desires. If you can see it you can create it!!


  • We all vibrate, but we can control at what frequency who do by the activities we choose to participate in.


Activities include:


  1. Verbal gratitude
  2. Eating a plant based diet
  3. Meditation/Yoga
  4. Grounding
  5. Affirmations
  6. Exercise
  7. Laughter
  8. Mindfulness
  9. Listening to music
  10. Spending time in water, i.e. pool, ocean etc.


Activities that lower your vibrations

  1. Drinking alcohol
  2. Too much T.V. violence
  3. Eating bad diet, processed foods, GMO
  4. Negative self talk
  5. Fear



What first needs to be understood is that everything vibrates. The law of vibrations says that everything in the Universe moves and vibrates at one speed or another. When atoms move they cause a cause a vibration Because we are made up of atoms and we are constantly in motion we also emit a vibration. There are sound vibrations, like when you clap your hands. Light vibrations, color vibrations, some of which don't result in a sound, however they could be even more inconspicuous as to a evoke a feeling or emotion. It's that "good vibe, bad vibe response we get. Our thoughts also form vibrations, and just think how often those occur; look you just vibrated! :-)  Simply put, but introducing many more ideals, there is an apparent force causing constant movement that then causes vibrations. That "Force" is the cause of everything; life, love, thoughts, and even the breeze that blows on a summer day. Some would identify that force as "God" or "Source Energy" regardless of what you chose to title it, the truth of the matter it exists without question.  The drawing together of matter, makes even that which exists in the spiritual realm to be physically seen to the natural eye.